Dosing and Metering Pumps

Designed to move fluids at highly precise flow rates, dosing and metering pumps come in a varity of internal components and sizes

Dosing and Metering pumps are positive displacement pumps that control the flow and mixing of a wide range of liquids, most commonly chemicals. Designed to provide an extremely precise flow rate, they essentially inject a fluid into a flow of water, steam, gas or other flowing substance. 

Dosing and metering pumps can be found in a wide range of industries such as chemical production, power generation, food processing, oil and gas, petrochemical, and more. Dosing and metering pumps form a core part of an integrated metering system designed to accurately and automatically control dispersion. 


Grosvenor Pumps is a leading manufacturer of dosing and metering pumps, providing solutions to a range of industries and applications globally. 

Dosing and metering pumps are available in variety of sizes, combinations and internals.  From food processing to corrosion inhibitors there is a dosing and metering pump suitable.

See below to learn more about eh types of dosing and metering pumps available from Grosvenor Pumps.

Plunger Pumps

The Grosvenor Plunger Pump Range delivers significant pressure through the utilization of high efficiency valves on the suction and discharge ports. This high pressure delivery results in an extremely accurate dosing solution.

Diaphragm Pumps

The Grosvenor Diaphragm Pump Range is available with wetted parts in high grade engineering plastics or 316 Stainless Steel, allowing the safe handling of a wide range of aggressive liquids.

Oil Supported Diaphragm Pumps

Grosvenor’s Oil Supported Diaphragm pumps are variable output pumps with high efficiency ball valves able to handle a wide range of aggressive liquids.

Piston Pumps

The Grosvenor Piston Pump Range delivers up to 11365 litres per hour and up to 26 bar pressure. The combinations of bore, stroke and gear ratio outputs suit a wide range of applications