Industries & Applications

Grosvenor Pumps has been supplying pumps to a variety of indusries for over 60 years

Aid Agencies

Grosvenor Pumps has built and deployed pump solutions for aid agencies such as Oxfam and Unicef, delivering chlorination solutions in locations such as Sudan and other parts of North Afric.

Power Generation Industry

Grosvenor Pumps Ltd supports power plant operators and power suppliers with the provision of pumps and pumping systems for primary applications such as fuel oil handling and for auxiliary systems such as lubrication and cooling.

Oil, Gas and Offshore Industry

From the North Sea to the Middle East Oil Fields, Grosvenor Pumps has provided a range of custom built solutions for industry leaders such as BOC Gasses, Axsia Howmar Ltd, and Oman Oil Industry Supplies.

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Grosvenor Chemical Dosing Pumps are widely used in this area to transfer various chemicals from drums and tanks. Their controllable discharge rates are used to inject additives into pumping and mixing systems in low volumes to control the quality of the water and as part of the bacterial removal process.