Power Generation Industry 

Grosvenor Pumps Ltd provides pumps and solutions to power stations in the UK and around the globe

Custom solutions for the power generation industry

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Grosvenor Pumps Ltd supports power plant operators and power suppliers with the provision of pumps and pumping systems for primary applications such as fuel oil handling and for auxiliary systems such as lubrication and cooling.

Grosvenor Pumps Ltd supplies pumps to power stations in the UK and around the globe. We are proud to name among our customers EDF, UKAEA, Magnox and Corby Power Ltd. As an OEM we are sought by agencies and procurement specialists acting on behalf of named clients.


Our pumps support a number of applications within the industry, including:

  • Caustic soda and detergent metering pumps
  • Treating water with hydraulic acids and caustic soda
  • Transferring / circulating critical fluids
  • Injecting urea and ammonia solutions for denitrification
  • Metering phosphoric acids,caustic soda for the production of biofuels
  • Metering additives.

Manufacturing in house, in the West of England, we have the scope and knowledge to adapt and meet customer’s specific requirements. Advice, spare parts and replacements are readily available. Our extensive archive of customer history ensures our clients are correctly serviced


Clients include

Grosvenor has provided solutions to power generation agencies such as

  •  EDF
  • Magnox and Corby Power Ltd

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Grosvenor Pumps specialise in custom pump solutions for the Power Generation Industry 

We have been building custom pumps for over 60 years

Grosvenor Pumps understands that every pumping application requires a different solution, tailored to the needs of the specific industries worldwide. We operate a flexible manufacturing & assembly facility that enable us to offer Bespoke services to our customers. With our modular design and manufacturing in house we can build unique systems that incorporate a range of different pump heads, gearboxes, motors, stroke adjusters and more.

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