Pulsation Dampers

Designed to meet the needs of dosing pump manufacturers, dosing system builders and end users, Prochem pulsation dampers provide a simple, inexpensive and reliable means of stabilising flows and pressures whilst reducing pipework vibrations.

The dampers work by removing the pressure peaks from the discharge of reciprocating dosing pumps. In doing this, they prevent damage to equipment, avoid excessive vibration and allow accurate flow measurement. When fitted to the suction side of dosing pumps, the dampers will also prevent cavitation on long suction lines.

Prochem dampers are available in three basic configurations – bladder, membrane, and bellows – to meet the various requirements of pressure, corrosion resistance and capacity.

Information required for quotation

  • Flow rate of pump, pressure and strokes per minute
  • Type of pump – simplex, duplex, triplex and so on
  • Liquid to be pumped and temperature

Calibration Pots

Prochem Calipots are used to confirm correct dosing rates from system dosing pumps.

The Calipot is normally filled to a set level. The dosing pumps are then fed from it for a pre-set period – usually one minute or more. Next, the pumping rate is then checked against the time-calculated flow rate.

Calipots are normally a permanent part of the installation and can be supplied with three way valves so that they can be used in and out of circuit to suit operational needs.


All standard Calipots are designed for atmospheric pressure operation but pressurised units can be supplied to order. PVC units utilise a transparent PVC tube and solid PVC base and top. Metal units use a rugged precision borosilicate glass measuring cylinder clamped between the base and top. In all cases the scale is mounted directly on the measuring cylinder.

Two types are available – base mounted and backboard mounted. For glass tubed units protective PVC or metal shrouds are available as an option for rough or toxic duty applications.

Information required for quotation

  • Size of Calipot required or pump delivery rate
  • Details of the liquid handled by the system or any preferred construction materials
  • Details of any preferred connection size or type

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