Founded in 1922 to supply hygienic equipment to the food and drink industries , MDM Pumps Ltd has been designing , manufacturing and marketing their range of Centrifugal , Liquid ring Pumps , Vent Valves and Strainers since 1952.

MDM Pumps Ltd is proud to be a British Manufacturer.

Hygienic Centrifugal Pumps – Setting the Standard

A competitively priced , no ‘frills’ flooded suction centrifugal pump specifically designed for the Brewing , Soft Drinks , Dairy and Food Industries.

316L (1.4404) Stainless Steel, Hygienic.

  • Smooth Surfaces with minimum 3mm Radii
  • No castings ( No Porosity )
  • No Crevices
  • No Rubbing Metal Parts
  • High Efficiency
  • Competitively priced spares
  • Every Pump is Hydraulically and performance tested

Robust with a choice of Motors and quick to dis-assemble and easy to service.

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