At Grosvenor our Pumps are perfectly suited to a range of industrial applications.


Our Plunger Pumps are in use all over the world where reliable, constant duty dosing is required. Stainless Steel Pump Heads and Plungers, allied with Nitrile or PTFE Gland Seals provide a long lasting solution.


Typical applications include machinery and process lubrication, chemical injection and fluid recovery and scavenge operations.

Our Piston Pumps have for decades been a firm favourite of the Marine Industry and are installed on ship’s throughout the globe , mainly serving Bilge Pumps duties and associated applications.

Diaphragm Pumps offer the benefits of high dosage rates and pure PTFE Diaphragms allowing for high chemical resistance when needed.

All Pumps are available on short lead time and are able to be customised to suit our customers requirements.


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