Grosvenor Systems Solve Specialised Problems

Benefits of Our Solutions

The benefits for clients working with Grosvenor Pumps are as follows:

  • Customer designs evaluated and costed.
  • Major experience of manufacturing quality chemical dosing pumps & systems.
  • Major financial saving delivered through low maintenance, durable pumps & plant.
  • A wide range of control options including fixed delivery, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic.
  • Spare parts are held in stock for all pumps manufactured in the last 25 years.


Each system can be designed to meet the exact requirements of the clients application. In the majority of cases, each system is designed to embody the Grosvenor range of reciprocating pumps which have gained a worldwide reputation for robust reliability in demanding processes.

Grosvenor pump designs are engineered to allow various gearbox ratios, pumphead sizes/materials and control configurations, thus enabling Special Builds for specific applications & client performance requirements.

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