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Grosvenor Pumps Ltd

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Grosvenor Systems Solve Specialised Problems

Grosvenor pumps, established 60 years ago, specialise in the design and manufacture of complete packaged metering, dosing & injection systems. Each system can be designed to meet the exact requirements of the clients application. In the majority of cases, each system is designed to embody the Grosvenor range of reciprocating pumps which have gained a worldwide reputation for robust reliability in demanding processes.

Special Builds - Grosvenor pump designs are engineered to allow various gearbox ratios, pumphead sizes/materials and control configurations, thus enabling Special Builds for specific applications & client performance requirements.

In Industry

Equipment is presently operating in the International Power Generation, Plastics, Petrochemical, Paint, Pharmaceutical, Food, Water, Textile, Marine and Steam industries. Our customer list is extensive and can be typically illustrated in abbreviated form as follows:

Airbus Industries
Harris Pye
Hugo Tillquist AB
Leeds & Bradford
Southern Oil Company Iraq
Tullis Russell Paper
Vision Oil & Gas
Halul Offshore Services
Fleet Axillary
Royal Navy
US Navy
British Rail
Primary Care Trusts
Rentokil Specialist Hygiene
Kerry Ingredients

Typical applications have embraced Boiler Feed, Oil Transfer, Condensate Recovery, Chemical Processing, Blending, Pressurisation, Metering, Chemical Injection, Pressure Testing, Desalination, Fuel Oil Transfer, Bilge Pumping, Salt/Fresh water systems and Sanitization.

Marine Applications

Plunger Pygme pump


Treatment of Boiler, Fresh/Salt water systems and effluent treatment.

High Pressure Chemical Injection Packages

Plunger Pygme pump


High Pressure Chemical Injection Packages (CIP), complete with Manual and Man/Auto pump control. Systems available upto 350 Bar capability with ATEX for Hazardous Area operation.

Low Pressure Chemical Metering & Dosing Packages

Plunger Pygme pump


Complete systems with Tanks, base frame/skid manufactured from Stainless Steel.

Commercial Chemical Dosing

Plunger Pygme pump


Grosvenor Pumps offer a range of Standard Dosing Packages to cater for numerous Commercial Chemical Dosing requirements. Featuring MDPE Tanks from 50 to 1000L, fitted with single, dual, triple or quadruple Solenoid, Plunger or Diaphragm pump units, with hand or motorised mixer options.

Bespoke Builds

Plunger Pygme pump


Grosvenor Pumps understands that every pumping application requires a different solution, tailored to the needs of the specific industries worldwide. We operate a flexible manufacturing & assembly facility that enable us to offer Bespoke services to our customers. Should your application be beyond the performance envelopes of our standard product range, we will happily evaluate you needs to ascertain if a Bespoke build or design is feasible. This flexible approach has enabled us to provide an array of custom pumping solutions for numerous applications demanding unique and specialised equipment.

  • Durability cta


    Robustly engineered simplistic designs are an investment in durability. Grosvenor equipment provides extensive operational life with full in-house refurbishment & repair capability. Our earliest pump units, manufactured in 1952, remain in operational service throughout the world today. Engineered Durability - an elementary standard.

  • Reliability cta


    In a 24/7 process, lost production can never be recovered. Reliability reduces process costs by limiting equipment downtime through failure or scheduled maintenance. Dependable equipment, fair spares pricing, 99.9% stock holding & free technical support. Engineered Reliability - an intrinsic characteristic.

  • Quality cta


    Our 60 Year history is tantamount to our engineering quality. Premium materials & select components, expertly crafted & assembled by professional apprentice served staff to produce world class equipment. Manufactured in strict compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Engineered Quality - a principle component.