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Grosvenor Pumps Ltd

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Chemical Dosing/Metering/Injection, Boiler Feed and Pressure Testing Pumps & Systems

Grosvenor pumps has supplied a quality range of pumps and pumping solutions for over fifty years to customers in the UK and throughout the world. Our pumps are typically used for chemical dosing/metering, boiler feed and pressure testing and are extremely reliable. Our mission is to deliver profitability through service and durability to our customers. Our company is ISO registered and employs experienced and top quality staff.

Chemical Dosing / Metering

Our chemical dosing /metering systems are designed and manufactured to customer specifications in a variety of materials, including cast iron, brass, stainless steel, PTFE and ceramics. They cover a wide range of pressures and volumes. Their uses include food processing, maintaining pH balance in cleaning tanks for aircraft manufacture, descaling and anti-foaming control for oil fields and power plants and methanol injection for the gas industry.

The picture below shows three skids comprising tanks, pumps and control gear that we designed and manufactured for a UK principal supplying the Ratawi Oil Field in Iraq. This application required simple mechanical metering control though we also supply digital electronic controls for process engineering and sophisticated environments.


Grosvenor Pumps has an enviable list of corporate clients. When Grosvenor Pumps has reached the short listing stage for a contract, references can be obtained from major customers in the industry of your choice.

Benefits of Our Solutions

The benefits for clients working with Grosvenor Pumps are as follows:

  • Customer designs evaluated and costed.
  • Major experience of manufacturing quality chemical dosing pumps & systems.
  • Major financial saving delivered through low maintenance, durable pumps & plant.
  • A wide range of control options including fixed delivery, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic.
  • Spare parts are held in stock for all pumps manufactured in the last 25 years.
  • Durability cta


    Robustly engineered simplistic designs are an investment in durability. Grosvenor equipment provides extensive operational life with full in-house refurbishment & repair capability. Our earliest pump units, manufactured in 1952, remain in operational service throughout the world today. Engineered Durability - an elementary standard.

  • Reliability cta


    In a 24/7 process, lost production can never be recovered. Reliability reduces process costs by limiting equipment downtime through failure or scheduled maintenance. Dependable equipment, fair spares pricing, 99.9% stock holding & free technical support. Engineered Reliability - an intrinsic characteristic.

  • Quality cta


    Our 60 Year history is tantamount to our engineering quality. Premium materials & select components, expertly crafted & assembled by professional apprentice served staff to produce world class equipment. Manufactured in strict compliance with ISO 9001:2008. Engineered Quality - a principle component.